Exterior vinyl shutters look better painted

Old, faded vinyl shutters Dont waste time and money painting Clean them with Tire Foam

Except for fading the brown paint held up very well, there was no peeling or flaking paint. The fading was the worst on the shutters exposed to the most sunlight which is to be expected. The shutters were repainted in , again the same dark brown color.

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The paint has a flat finish to avoid the glare glossier paints would show. The choice of sheen - flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or gloss is of personal taste. All of them should perform nearly equally as well as the other with only slight differences. Flat paints possibly will adhere better and show less glare but may fade quicker and not wash clean as well. Glossier paints will reflect glare and possibly peel easier but wash better when needed or rinse off during rainfall.

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How to Paint Vinyl Shutters: Advice

Contact Us Send to Friend Tweet. Preparing To Paint Vinyl Shutters Here are some general guidelines and tips for painting vinyl shutters. Check carefully for wasps or other insects that may have nested behind the shutter. Reattach any loose shuters. Before repainting old shutters they should be clean and mildew free. A solution of laundry detergent or TSP trisodium phosphate cleaner and chlorine bleach makes a good cleaner to wash away dust, dirt and mildew.

Be sure to wear the proper eye and body protection when working with any chemical. A long handle scrub brush can be used to work the solution into corners and scrub the surface.

Keep the surface wet long enough for the bleach to work then rinse with clear water. Protect the surrounding area and objects from the cleaning agent. Scrape or sand away any loose and peeling paint. When the shutter is clean and dry determine if you will need to apply a coat of primer. If repainting a primer will probably not be needed unless the old paint is a oil-based paint and the new paint is latex or acrylic. The primer can be tinted by the paint dealer to closely match the finish color for better coverage.

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If the shutters are new and have a slick surface then they should also be sanded and primed. Older shutters that have never been painted usually have weathered some and the finish paint should be all that is needed. Priming them would not hurt but may not be absolutely needed.

If you have any doubts test the adhesion of the new finish paint in a couple of spots. Repainting over previously painted vinyl shutters that were painted with latex or acrylic paint should not require a primer.

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When painting vinyl siding or vinyl shutters it is usually recommended not to paint them a color considerably darker than the original color. This is to avoid heat build up that could cause warpage. Acrylic paints are durable, resist fading, adhere very well, dry fast and brushes can be washed with soap and water. They do have some oil stains on them from wasp spray. I would prefer to rehabilitate them rather than send them to the shutter graveyard. What do I have to do? David D. It would have been wiser to buy new shutters than try to paint them.

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But fortunately you can now paint any badly-faded vinyl surface with fantastic results. Many people do not know that vinyl products such as siding, fencing and shutters come in different levels of quality. Vinyl manufacturers can alter both the quality and quantity of key ingredients as they make the vinyl. For example, one of the primary ingredients in vinyl products that helps prevent fading and ultraviolet UV light degradation from the sun is titanium dioxide.

High-quality titanium dioxide is expensive. More importantly, this key ingredient only needs to be near the surface of the vinyl, not mixed throughout the entire piece of vinyl, to be effective. Since it often costs more money to use the best ingredients and manufacture products the best way, price is a very good barometer of quality. If we could go back in time, I'll bet your shutters were not the most expensive ones available.

To make your shutters look like new is going to be fairly easy. The first step is to wash them much like you would a car or a deck. You should use a very good soap, a sponge, different brushes and possibly a scrub brush. The goal is to remove all of the wasp-spray residue, all dirt, and any UV damaged vinyl pigments from the surface of the shutters. You can clean them while they are on the house, but you may find it easier in the long run to remove the shutters and both clean and paint them on the ground in a horizontal position.

I would suggest that once the shutters are clean to paint them in a shaded area, not in direct sunlight.

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  6. The paint you need to use must be one that has a blend of both acrylic and urethane resins. These special paints are easy to find at national-brand paint stores, not home centers. Some larger national retailers that have a paint and hardware division also carry these fantastic paints. The urethane resin in the paint is the key ingredient. Urethanes are very sticky and once they cure, they bond tenaciously to anything they touch. In many respects they behave like epoxy. I have used these special paints and when they dry on your hands, it is nearly impossible to remove them.

    This is a great attribute for paint as you do not want it to peel from the vinyl surface. Several of these special paints actually state on their labels that they can be applied to vinyl surfaces. You simply need to follow their directions and often this means selecting a pint color that is nearly identical to the original vinyl color.

    The paint manufacturers do not want you to paint a light colored vinyl a dark color. This can cause excessive heat buildup in the vinyl which can lead to excessive expansion and contraction of the vinyl.