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Warrants can be issued for unpaid traffic violations to more serious crimes such as theft, assault, sex crimes, misdemeanors, felonies and murder. The Illinois arrest warrant task force is an ongoing concentrated enforcement effort designed to maximize officer presence state-wide to catch and prosecute those with outstanding warrants. Local law enforcement officers participate in the apprehension search effort for offenders throughout the state. Citizens with outstanding fines in Illinois due to unpaid violations are encouraged to come forward and pay their fines with the state to avoid further penalties or arrest.

Before you do, you should consider contacting an attorney for advice, counsel, and to act on your behalf.

Warrant Information

An attorney can represent you in court and help you post a bond to suspend the arrest warrant which sends your case back before a jury to be decided. By doing this you lessen your chances of an unwanted arrest and jail time. Searching Illinois Arrest Warrants Each month local authorities in Illinois are out to apprehend offenders who have warrants in their name.

Every time a warrant is issued there is documentation of it recorded with the Illinois courts and the legal system. This act mandates that all criminal history record information which is maintained by the state through the Illinois State Police and Bureau of Identifications, be available to the public on request. It allows you to search criminal records by name for any arrest and criminal record documented with the state of Illinois.

No Statute Of Limitations on DUI Warrants

Where ever you decide to go that agency is responsible for getting a copy of your fingerprints and other essential information which they will forward to the state police. There is a process involved so be sure to follow directions carefully to make sure you get the information you need. Illinois State Police will let you know if any action will be taken by the Illinois State Police in relation to your criminal history inquiry. The state does not charge a fee to obtain an Access and Review Record. However, fingerprinting services usually cost a processing fee.

For traffic violations you can go to the Illinois Court website to plead and pay a traffic ticket online. There is a list of all counties that are eligible to participate. Just click on the county you need and it will take you to the county page which prompts you to the payment form. You will need to know your ticket number in order to pay online.

One option to search Illinois arrest records online is by using a private, public search system like IllinoisArrestarrants. You will find arrest records, outstanding warrants, criminal records and background information posted with the public court system. You can begin a warrant record search by typing your name in the search box above and you're on your way to finding out discretely and instantly. Inmates and Sex Offenders The state of Illinois keeps records and information on all sex offenders registered with the state.

If you have questions about sex offender laws, I-SORT has a toll-free number to answer questions, take phone-in tips, and other information related to Illinois sex offenders. You can reach them at Monday through Friday between 8am to 5pm.

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