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Use the BMD records to identify all of the important events in your ancestors lives. Discover where and when the event took place and store the information for years to come. Search our key records Birth records Marriage records.

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Did any of your ancestors fight for their country? With records from the Boer War to WW2, discover if any of your relations could be considered a war hero.

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  4. Whatever you're looking for, you have a good chance of finding it with Genes Reunited! Search our key records Parish records Photos and Media. Start your family tree, find others researching the same family as you and read hundreds of helpful tips and advice added by other members.

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      Build tree. Research a relative We have over million family history records for you to search. Includes several pedigrees for the family.

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      Most features appear to work. There may be some delay in loading. Click on texts and then search the archive. Note baptism and baptisms give different results. Most information still seems to be available. Mainly in Oxfordshire.

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      Also census for other towns in Buckinghamshire - all surnames. Use the search facility and select e books only. Can also search within book text easily. Registers Also includes surname specific databases. If the site doesn't load clicking on the word impatient often works. Didn't find what you wanted on this site?