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The employee need only have a reasonable belief that the conduct reported constitutes a violation of federal securities laws. In such cases, I team up with a very experienced forensic accountant CPA in the San Diego area who has developed a highly efficient SOX compliance methodology, understands the complex issues involving Section compliance , state of the art data mining and analysis tools, environment and process activity documentation, risk identification, control identification and deficiency detection, baseline testing, remediation, and many other related accounting issues.

An employer can be charged with constructive notice of the alleged wrongdoing, even if no one complains of the conduct, when the conduct is so pervasive that the employer should have known of it. An internal human resources employee or another trained employee can investigate internally the large majority of complaints that an employer receives, and can usually do so within an hour or two by interviewing two or three eyewitnesses.

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More complex complaints involving multiple theories of liability, whistleblower statutes, and multiple parties will take longer, and may require hiring a qualified outside investigator. Time and cost should not be offered as reasons for a failure to investigate. Failing to investigate for either of those reasons would be penny-wise and pound-foolish. If an employer does not investigate and rule out, based on the facts, potentially illegal conduct early on, e.

Prudent employers nail down all of the facts in writing at the outset, or otherwise face a changing story. Some types of employee complaints must be investigated as a matter of law, e. When an employer receives a complaint or otherwise learns of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace, the employer should investigate promptly and thoroughly.

For myriad business reasons, however, wise employers will investigate all complaints alleging any form of illegal activity or company policy violations. Because I have received many requests to provide internal training to employees on how to conduct sexual harassment investigations, I will be offering open training on the subject to anyone interested, but the training will be geared towards Human Resources Professionals, Private Investigators, and Attorneys.

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Attendees of any background are welcome to attend, but some basic knowledge of sexual harassment law is helpful. If time is allowed, other types of investigative training will be covered.

We realize that utilizing the services of a private investigator for the first time can be an unnerving experience. Allow yourself the comfort of knowing that you have active or retired law enforcement working for you.


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IBRC offers you the experience, knowledge and training you can trust. We make sure your needs are met. Bi-lingual investigators are available. All of our investigators are licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

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Visit our new Palm Springs Private Investigators site. IBRC Investigators are proud members of the following professional associations and organizations:.

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Rancho Mirage , Riverside , Temecula , and all surrounding areas. All our investigators are licensed, bonded and carry concealed weapons. Only private investigators with impeccable records for honesty, attention to detail and proven reliability may work for IBRC.

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Each of our detectives has a proven record with extensive investigative background, and all IBRC Investigators are required to attend continuous training updates. The law and investigative techniques are constantly changing and IBRC remains on the cutting edge in our field.