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Punk , Hardcore , Ska. Your Kung-Fu Is Old And Now You Must Die!!! Track 4 Alternate title: "A. Track 22 recorded at Phil's Roadside Cafe last friday. Track 50 recorded at Hollywood Sound, January Track 52 recorded at The Clubhouse, Sacramento, Ca. Collins, CO. Track 67 recorded and mixed Motor Studios Deluxe. Emotion One, BMI.

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Track 88 recorded Insight Recorders Toronto, Ont. Recorded at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. Recorded at Found Sound, SF.

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Since a CD can handle only 99 tracks, the last three songs are all on track 99 with a little pause between them. I used to see this record in used record stores a lot. I never bought it for 3 reasons: 99 songs, the songs were too goddamn short, lots of garbage pop punk bands. Parf June 2, Report. The premise was this: Make as many bands as possible submit a song that was not to be longer than 30 seconds. That idea is really cool and original, but the drawback is when you actually try to sit down and listen to the whole thing in one go. It simply can't be done Imagine listening to fragments of music.

That's like sitting and previewing sound clips on the internet before you decide if you really want a CD or not.

"Family Reunion by blink-182 from 'Short Music for Short People'

The songs are over before they have a chance to get going really. If you do a short song or two on a punk or hardcore album, then it's all fine I guess my rating of this record is more based on the effort to actually make it rather than the pretty chopped up and fragmented outcome the final release turned out to be. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. It's doubtful that anyone would want to wade through 50 bands to get to a nugget like Groovie Ghoulies' "Doin' Fine," so it's best to hold onto the track listing like it's Dante's map out of hell.

The A. Reviews Music.

Both debuted at 1 in Australia and the US. So what should determine an album in the current music landscape: the number of tracks? Artistic intent? Industry standards? Looking back before streaming, a body of work was classified by technical limitations. Vinyl LPs long playing and EPs extended play rose to prominence in the s - everything before that was predominantly 7'' singles one song per side.

LPs were typically 33min and 45min, because that's literally how much music could be etched into the grooves of a vinyl album. The introduction of CDs in the '80s was a gamechanger, allowing for up to 79 minutes of music.

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But with the advent of digital platforms, "we're moving into a world where you have unlimited space but limited bandwidth and attention spans," ARIA CEO Dan Rosen tells triple j. When you've got 35 million songs to listen to, maybe saying 'I only want 20 minutes of your time' is the answer; immerse yourself in that, rather than trying to get through 10 to 16 songs at minutes.

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As we've previously reported , Kanye West has touched on his artistic and spiritual connection to the seven-song model but it's also a strategic reaction to the current trend of bloated album releases designed to game the streaming system. They're intended to be cherrypicked for playlist consumption, because it results in bigger streams and therefore higher chart positions. So why didn't Kanye go for this same 'more-is-more' approach like he did on the 20 track, 'ever-evolving' The Life of Pablo?

Sure, seven might be a contrarion choice and Kanye's lucky number but there must also be a business rationale to his decision. Apple Music states that a release can be seven tracks, even if it's less than 30 minutes, and still be classified as an album.

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Score one for Kanye. Here in Australia, ARIA calculates album and singles sales - across physical, digital, and streaming - to calculate our charts.

They've got similar classifications:. What about Spotify? We couldn't get clarification from them directly despite trying numerous times but a prominent Australian label who deals with streaming platforms frequently told triple j this:. If a product type isn't specified album, single, EP , Spotify can automatically nominate a product type, whereas other platforms eg. Apple will go by their own definitions.