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Producers and crew members say Jason Statham, the Derbyshire-born actor who shot to fame in Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels, managed to negotiate a clause in his contract to limit how severely he can be beaten up, according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, co-star Vin Diesel has his younger sister, a producer on the films, keep an eye on the number of punches he takes.

Dwayne Johnson reportedly has producers, editors and fight coordinators in his corner to make sure he also looks tough enough on screen.

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He admitted the insult was intended for Diesel. Here's why.

He and Paul Walker may not have actually been pals

The biggest gripe some fans have about the first Bloodshot trailer is that it doesn't feel like a trailer at all — it feels like an entire film condensed into 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Many people across Twitter and in the comments section of the trailer on YouTube expressed dissatisfaction over the trailer seemingly spoiling all the narrative beats of the film.

Spoiled the entire movie in just 2 min," tweeted user AndyTheQuarian. Another wondered why the trailer didn't show off just "a few action sequences" instead of apparently laying all its cards out on the table: "Seriously why do they give away the whole plot? Only a few action sequences should be enough to build some hype.

Vin Diesel

Someone else joked that while Marvel puts fake scenes in movie trailers , Sony "puts [in] the whole story to avoid the movie. Bloodshot could have a few tricks up its sleeve to unveil in the theatrical cut of the film, but it may have lost a number of fans with this spoiler-y first trailer.

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  6. They feel Bloodshot doesn't look like Bloodshot — he just looks like Vin Diesel. Someone else tweeted , "I don't know a ton about Bloodshot, but I'm fairly sure he doesn't just look like regular Vin Diesel.

    Why some fans are upset over the first Bloodshot trailer

    Remember Me. Vin Diesel is, for the lack of a better term, a badass. But then McFarlane Toys comes along and presents us with this:.

    Vin diesel look alike?

    The live-action adaptation of the Valiant Comics series will star Diesel as the titular character, who actually sounds like a bona fide badass. Sounds like a certain other badass, gun-toting cyborg from the future. Never mind the 22 points of articulation, swappable hands and equipment for oodles of poseability and photo opportunities, his face just makes it a little hard to take him seriously. Regardless if you want to catch more Vin Diesel in cybernetic action, Bloodshot will hit theatres on February 21, Marion has a serious RPG addiction.