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Mark, forty, is an investment banker. He is married to Vanessa, and they have three boys and a girl: Maximilian, born in , Dylan, born in ; Ronan, born in ; and Mila, born in Ben : My relationship with my father is wholly positive. The older I get, the more connected I feel to him. As a father myself, I remember an incident that brought me closer to my dad.

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It was that first time I read the Riot Act to my children. We had some friends over, and the kids were playing upstairs and making too much noise. I got the result I wanted: they settled down right away. All those times I thought my dad was angry with me, he was actually just doing what I had done.

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That moment on the stairs was significant for Dad and me. I was able to access a part of our relationship that only became available to me as a parent. Up until then, I had felt like I was a child speaking to my dad, but now I was a new parent speaking to an experienced parent. I find I am reaching out to him more as I get older, and we spend more time together, talking about things that matter. Mark : Dad calls me on a regular basis with no particular mandate or agenda.

It settles me down. It puts everything into perspective. It was never a threat, but the thought of Dad being disappointed, oh my God did that hurt. The weight of the world was on your shoulders. My first reaction was defence—Who? I had been used to hearing these kinds of things from him as a teenager, but as an adult, those criticisms had become few and far between, and they have a big impact.

Uninvolved Parenting

Do they make me a better person? Of course. I am glad I can trust my dad for an honest appraisal. Mark : People assume we had a tough time as children. What I do remember clearly is a present father. When the opportunities were there, he was a full-on involved father. Have fun. It was just normal for us, but now I know that he was—and is—exceptional. Ben : I have a friend who works at the Globe and Mail , and he asked me to write a piece for the paper when Justin Trudeau became prime minister. We never felt, with my dad, that he put anything ahead of us. The responsibilities of running a government are enormous, but we grew up feeling that we were the main priority.

As a boy, I fell off a swing in the middle of winter while my parents were on a flight somewhere between Ottawa and Toronto. They turned the plane around. It turned out that I had broken vertebrae in my neck and back, but I was okay. I think all of it amounts to that secret sauce that everyone looks to replicate.

Great families, great careers, great boundaries. Lively conversation at the dinner table, no phone calls, no papers or documents, not a screen in sight.

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He took me seriously. Ben : He had a great way of giving us perspective. Mark : When it was me causing the problem, what I feared most from Dad was the quiet. It was calm. There was no yelling. We are super disciplined. And accurate. The models many men have for parenting are women, mothers. But sometimes our roles complement those of women rather than replicate them. I am glad my father showed me how to be honest and straightforward with my kids. Now that Abby is 16, she can ask me such questions aloud and does.

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In the intervening years I have been a stay-at-home dad , a working dad , a married dad, a single dad , and a stepdad. In each of these roles, I've tried to figure out what I was for and hoped that my involvement made a difference in my kids' lives. In the meantime, the volume of science on fatherhood has exploded , and it tells us that dads are for a lot, in both traditional and nontraditional roles.

The positive effects of paternal involvement start before birth. Mothers with involved fathers are more likely to receive early prenatal care and are less likely to deliver prematurely , and their newborns are less likely to suffer infant mortality. Right after birth, fathers can help support breastfeeding , and their participation in kangaroo care helps newborns calm themselves and sleep soundly. In childhood, dads' involvement contributes to language development, and children whose fathers are involved early on enjoy protection from mental health and behavioral problems.

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The good news continues through the teen years, when paternal involvement is associated with decreased high-risk behaviors, lower rates of teen pregnancy , protection from depression , and improved cognitive development. As a whole, the picture of childhood looks better when dad is in it. Given all these positive effects, the even better news is that paternal involvement in child-rearing has increased dramatically since the days when I was the only dad sitting on the alphabet rug at the library's toddler reading time. Dads in had more than doubled the amount of time they spent on housework and childcare from Let's face it: in the era of "Father Knows Best" a lot of fathers were just guessing.

When we ask who's better, fathers or mothers, the answer is "yes. Fathers, for example, tend to play in more stimulating, vigorous, and arousing ways with their children. It's not that they don't also read, snuggle, and kiss boo-boos, but dads tend to be more rambunctious and exploratory during fun time. Fathers are important not because they are just like mothers, but because they are in some ways different. The trend away from traditional marriage correlates to an increase in the number of nonresident fathers. In most cases finding some way for kids and fathers to interact helps both parties, leading to measurable improvements in children's academic achievement , emotional well-being, and behavioral adjustment.

It should not surprise us that a father's health affects his family's health. Paternal depression has significant negative impacts on moms' and children's mental health. Doctors are now recognizing that post-partum depression affects dads, too , and they are beginning to screen for it. Corporations and governments are starting to recognize the critical role fathers play in their families' mental and physical health, and increasingly they are seeing how these benefits contribute to the success of a company or even a nation.

The more we encourage fathers to share their unique gifts with their families, the better off we all are likely to be. A Special Message to New Dads.

Why Society MUST Do Better By Fathers

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