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Also, we will not process any order requesting your own SSN or that of your child. However, a request by the Court to determine the military status of a civil defendant is acceptable. So is a request to determine the SSN of a contract employee so that a may be issued. Next, you can expect to receive a phone call from our Compliance Department.

Docusearch recognizes that we have a duty to protect sensitive information from release for any unlawful or unethical purpose. We will authenticate your identity to make sure you are who you say you are , and substantiate your permissible purpose. You may also have to provide supporting documentation to further substantiate you purpose. No, This search will only provide your subject's SSN, it will not supply address information, dates of birth or any financial history regard your subject.

All we need is your subject's full name and a recent address. A date of birth is also helpful. We use this information to find an exact match in the major credit bureau database. The search is quick, about an hour if ordered during regular business hours, after the compliance interview is complete.

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As we explained, we are able to find Social Security Numbers because we have access to the major credit bureaus. We simply match the name and address you provide. Remember, your subject must be over 21 years old and have an established credit history good or bad.

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This is a one-time fee paid at the time you place your order. There are no further costs, unless you place another order. The IRS issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days. Prices are subject to change without notice.

What is a Social Security Number?

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Payment by federal refund is not available when a tax expert signs your return. On-screen help is available on a desktop, laptop or the TurboTax mobile app. Unlimited access to TurboTax Live CPAs and EAs refers to an unlimited quantity of contacts available to each customer, but does not refer to hours of operation or service coverage. Terms and conditions may vary and are subject to change without notice. CompleteCheck: Covered under the TurboTax accurate calculations and maximum refund guarantees.

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5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

Install on up to 5 of your computers. Download option requires free online Intuit account. You must accept the TurboTax License Agreement to use this product www. Not for use by paid preparers. Additional fees apply for e-filing state returns.

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E-file fees do not apply to New York state returns. Savings and price comparison based on anticipated price increase. Prices subject to change without notice. Data Import: Imports financial data from participating companies; may require a free Intuit online account. Quicken import not available for TurboTax Business.

Quicken products provided by Quicken Inc. Intuit TurboTax. Sign In. Skip To Main Content. Box Andover, MA When confirming your identity, you will need: Your name, date of birth and contact information Social security number SSN or individual taxpayer identification number ITIN Your prior year tax return along with supporting documents such as W-2s, s, and Schedules A and C if you filed them. Additional precautions When someone has enough of your personal information to file a fraudulent tax return, she can use your identity to commit other crimes.

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