How do i find my ip address windows vista

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Setting a Static IP Address in WIndows Vista

Please refer to the following steps. Click the Start button, Click Control Panel. Windows Vista might present you with a User Account Control window asking you for permission to continue. The System Preferences window will open.

In the Network window: In the Location drop-down window, select Automatic. Select Ethernet at left.

Static IP Configuration - Windows Vista | Office of Information Technology

The Ethernet window will appear. Click Apply , then close the Network window.

Related Topics Wired Network Access. Just like physical home addresses, an IP provides an exclusive identity to your computer for different systems to communicate with one another. Moreover, IP addresses are used to troubleshoot common connectivity problems among applications, video games and servers. To find the IP address from your HP Pavilion computer, execute a series of efficient steps using your Vista-based operating system.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Go to the Windows "Start" menu. Alternatively, click the "Start" menu followed by "All Programs," then choose the "Accessories" folder and launch the "Command Prompt" entry.

How To - Set a static IP address on Windows Vista

Type "Ipconfig" and press "Enter. Type "Exit" and press "Enter" to end the Command Prompt session.